Established in 1990, Džamp Company is a supplier of defense products, specialized in ammunition, ammunition
components, explosives and weapons.

Every inquiry sent to Džamp receives immediate, personalized attention from our superior sales department. Due to our wide range of contacts in the manufacturing sector, our staff is able to effectively bid on large and small requirements. As a result of our long-standing relationships with manufacturers, we are often able to obtain excellent payment terms.

Price is only one factor in the purchase of ammunition and ammunition components. Prompt delivery is just as critical, and in some instances may be more important than price. Džamp has thus created a worldwide shipping system for the transportation of goods. Our efficient and effective transportation department (own company Jump Logistics) arranges all aspects of inland, ocean, and air transport. We can often coordinate shipments with other orders and thus offer substantially lower freight costs.
Džamp has all of the necessary certifications to trade in defense items.
Our permits include the Exporter of Ammunition list articles from the B&H Department. Džamp also has a permit from the B&H authorities for the transport of hazardous materials. Permits such as these allow Džamp to conduct in all unclassified conventional ordnance.
Essentially, Džamp is experienced and proficient at every phase of the procurement process, making your order hassle-free:
• We provide detailed and realistic price quotations
• We ensure proper packaging of the materials you order
• We obtain all necessary permits
• We arrange all shipping documentation
• We ship
• We guarantee our merchandise